This Spring, look Up, not down!


Magnificent cherry blossoms. Look up and enjoy!

For many of us living in the northern hemisphere, spring is the current season. If this is so, then this month, I invite you to look up, not down. Here is what I mean. Chances are that, during your commute to work or school, your Sunday afternoon stroll through the park, or a walk through your own garden, you come across many trees. However, have you seen them lately? “Sure”, you might tell me. “I see them every day. I know where they are. I pass them every day.” Could it be that you notice a glance of them looking down on your steering wheel while driving by? Could it be that you barely notice them as you walk by looking down on your cell phone? Could it be that you catch a glimpse while rushing through your front yard looking down to get your paper?

If any of these scenes sound familiar to you, I invite you to look up. Next time, pull over, put your phone away, and walk slowly through your garden. Next time, especially now in the spring, look up and look into the trees. Better yet, stand under a tree that blossoms. Then, look up. What do you see? I see a sea of blossoms, smell the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms, and marvel at the creation of cherry blossoms in divine perfection. After a long, cold, and dark winter, spring flowers surface everywhere and teach us that, no matter what we have just gone through, we always emerge stronger, more powerful, and more beautiful in order to enchant everyone around us.

This spring, I invite you to look up, not down. Look up into the blossoming trees, let Mother Nature heal and amaze you with her spectacular show of spring blossoms. This season will not last forever. So enjoy the display of divine love while it lasts. Mother Nature worked so hard on it during winter time. Please stop for a moment, and give her some credit. Capture these annual blessings to enjoy throughout the year. Share these memories with others who are not so lucky to experience this wonderment of our Mother Nature. But hurry up! This spectacle will not last long. Don’t let it happen that in a few weeks from now you’ll regret not taking enough time for this beautiful time of the year.

As you walk away from the tree in awe, your body, soul, and spirit will be enlightened. Then share the love, share the light, and share these moments of bliss for all to enjoy. Thank you, Mother Nature, for your amazing blossoms. I stand in gratitude under a blossoming tree.

Look up, not down, it’s spring!




Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A., spiritual writer

Photo credit © 2017 by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A. Photo taken by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A.

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Eat yourself happy!

My plate - filled with high vibrating fruits and vegetables

My plate filled with high vibrating fruits and vegetables

As much as I love the holiday season and any celebrations that beautify and celebrate life, those festivities also take their tolls on my body and mind when it comes food. Overeating of traditional, mostly heavy food is often the norm and tradition. In addition, winter time is frequently associated with spending more time indoors, curling up on the sofa with high-carb foods and too many sugary snacks. In addition, cravings for starchy foods and chocolate are the worst for me during this time of the year. While it is true that such food choices often do keep us feel warmer and our tummies filled, they empty our minds and sadden our souls. However, you can eat yourself happy! Let me explain.

Since ancient times, metaphysicians have agreed that everything in and around us is energy. For those not familiar with this, I’ll be happy to elaborate on this another time. For the time being, just know that every person, animal, plant, and objects (yes that even includes the chair you are probably sitting on while you are reading this), are made of energy. Everything you see around you vibrates at a certain frequency. You vibrate at a specific frequency as well. Every cell in your body vibrates. Energy is life.

What has this to do with food? Because everything is made of energy, so is the food that you eat. In particular, it can be said that colorful fruits and vegetables vibrate on the higher end of the energy scale, while carbohydrates such as sugar vibrate on the lower scale. When you eat something, you absorb the energy and vibration of that particular food. This means that this energy merges with your own energy patterns.

What has this to do with happiness? You can eat yourself happy. Basically, what it means is this. When you vibrate higher, you are more likely to feel happier, healthier, more blissful and more loving. The reason is that these emotions and conditions can be found among higher frequencies, while negative states and feelings such as disease, depression and sadness, even anger and rage, vibrate on the lower end of the energy scale. This is exactly how I started to feel a few weeks ago. Furthermore, in recent weeks, my body has become sluggish and simply not as fit and strong as it could be.

I know that this condition is from the many comfort foods that I have enjoyed in recent months. I also know that my body, mind, and soul are literally begging me to feed them with nourishing, high-vibrating, and healthy food choices again. I love the feeling of being healthy, fit and happy. Who doesn’t? Therefore, I have made the decision to go vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free as much as possible during this lent season. My basket is filled with fruits, my fridge with veggies, and my body, mind, and soul will soon be overflowing with health and happiness again. I invite you to join me. Eat yourself happy.

In health and happiness,




Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A., spiritual writer

Photo credit © 2017 by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A. Photo taken by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A.

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An Ode to Class, Grace, and Dignity – aka the Obama Family


The beautiful Obama family

The beautiful Obama family

I have never written a letter to a U.S. president before. However, this time, I feel in my heart that you and your entire family deserve a heartfelt thank you for all your efforts, support, and love. This is an ode to class, grace, and dignity – aka the Obama family. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for making it all the way to the White House. Thank you for your integrity, grace, and inner and outer beauty that you brought in it. Thank you for your inspiration and wisdom, and thank you for everything you have done for the American people and the world. There are many people, who disagree with me. They don’t see what I see in you. That is okay.

Different sets of values, opinions, and beliefs create our dynamic and diverse world as it is. We can discuss the better way to live forever. We can debate the best measures for progress, to strengthen communities, and empower the people living in them. However, the truth is, that a community as a whole can only be really strong when all are empowered. That includes every single member of that union. You and your family’s stories have inspired me and so many others to achieve more and reach highs that include all.Human and civil rights have always been dear to me. I prayed and cried before and after you were elected, Mr. Obama. In my opinion, you are the most charming, the most knowledgeable and the most down-to-earth president I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Mrs. Obama, you are my inspiration in more ways than I can count here. Everyone, who knows me, is aware of my admiration of you. Sasha and Malia, as the two magnificent young ladies, will make it far. I thank you all with this ode to the Obama family. I cried while witnessing you all entering your office; I cried when I realized it was your time to leave again. I will keep crying not only because I will miss you, but of gratitude – for God allowing me to live on this planet at the same time as you.

Human and civil rights have always been dear to me. I prayed and cried before and after you were elected, Mr. Obama. In my opinion, you are the most charming, the most knowledgeable and the most down-to-earth president I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Mrs. Obama, you are my inspiration in more ways than I can count here. Everyone, who knows me, is aware of my admiration for you. Sasha and Malia, as the two magnificent young ladies you are, will make it far. I thank you all with this ode to the Obama family. I cried while witnessing you all entering your office; I cried when I realized it was your time to leave again. I will keep crying not only because I will miss you, but of gratitude – for God allowing me to live on this planet at the same time as you.

Your family is my inspiration to achieve more. I was not born wealthy and influential. Like you, I come from humble beginnings. Like you, I strive to reach high to empower myself and those around me. Like you, I know that a true democracy gives everyone a voice to stand for what is right. Like you, I am a humanitarian, care deeply about people from all walks of life, and know their struggles. Thanks to your remarkable example, I feel inspired to help myself and give back to my community. Thanks to your lesson in dignity and grace, I don’t look down to keep down; I look down to help up.

I am planning to use my inspiration coming from you and put them into words. Hopefully, those writings will inspire those who need to hear that they are worthy, that they too can do it, and that they too are beautiful. Next, I would like to create an enterprise, which gives those a voice who often don’t have one. Last but not least, I want to create a foundation, which supports others who struggle.

Your dreams have come true. The dream has come true. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would be so proud. Now I have a dream. My dream is to continue your work and contribute to a world where class, grace, dignity rule. I am dreaming of a world in which diversity continues to enrich the lives of all. A world in which every single member of the union is respected. A world in which dreams can continue to become true for everyone.

May God bless you and your family, keep you always safe and happy, as I will always keep you in my heart. Thank you for your inspiration.

With gratitude, love,



Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Bullock, M.F.A., spiritual writer

Photo credit ©

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Dare to be grand this holiday season and beyond

Be grand like the Eiffel Tower

Be grand like the Eiffel Tower

When I grew up, I was often told that I am supposed to live in a small way. I never understood what that meant. I have an idea now. It meant to be invisible. It meant to conform. It meant to fit in and do as others would expect. It also meant neither having ambitious goals nor daring to dream big dreams. It meant not to celebrate anything in a grand way especially not myself. However, I believe that life is meant to be grand. Allow me to take you on a journey to Paris in order to understand what I mean.

I just came back from a trip to Paris. Paris has always had a special place in my heart. Whenever I visit this city, I feel home there, know my way around pretty well, and want to stay for good. Certainly, probably millions of people around the world dream of visiting Paris, while a few (in comparison to our world’s population) are lucky to actually do so. Not only does Paris have a rich culture, architecture, and history that is world-famous. Paris is one of those magical places that draw you inside of its core and never let you go again completely. Once there, one can never forget one’s experiences in this grand location. Whenever I am there, I leave a piece of my heart in this grand city.

The Eiffel Tower sparkles once each hour in the evening. I am in complete awe. No picture can do it justice. No words would ever suffice to explain the atmosphere. One has to be there physically in order to understand the tower’s magical power. I believe it is not just a landmark pretty enough for postcards and shares on social media. I truly believe that the construction of the Eiffel Tower was inspired by the grand divinity, our source, God, or universe – whatever you might call it. I believe that landmarks like this one are placed on our planet Earth in order to remind us of the grandeur of the great divine, which, by the way, includes us. This is why many feel the magic of the universe when standing in front of such a monument.

The Eiffel Tower reminds me of my own grandness. I try not to pay attention to the many tourists. I try to find a quiet moment to take it all in. As I stand in front of it in awe, suddenly, everything becomes possible. Gone are negativity, doubt, and my often present lack of self-esteem. Instead, I feel the connection to the divine and the tower in front of me. As we become one, I feel at home, and I become grateful and inspired. I walk away with renewed faith and strength, and, yes, a few pictures too.

So this holiday season and beyond, be inspired by his majesty the Eiffel Tower. While there are many landmarks, no one is like another. It dares to be unique and stand out. The Eiffel Tower does not care what others think of it. If it was human, it probably would dare to dream big. While there are many of us, no one is like you. Be like the Eiffel Tower. Stand tall and proud, be magnificent and grand. Most importantly, make yourself and your life count and inspire millions of others, just as the Eiffel Tower does every day and, hopefully, will do so for many generations to come. A bientot, my dear Paris.

Happy Holidays,

Love, Barbara


Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, taken in Paris December 2016.

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Love is the Message



Festive lights signify the start of the holiday season. Make it a more loving one by sending a message of love. Barbara Bullock

At Thanksgiving, many people usually give thanks for the food, blessings, and love they have received over the year while enjoying traditional foods and spending time with family and friends. In addition, I give thanks by sending a message.

I spent Thanksgiving at a luxury hotel enjoying a feast of warm soup, a variety of delightful appetizers, juicy turkey, yummy sweet potatoes, and a dessert table with a chocolate fountain and pies so perfectly created they looked like they had just come out of a contest. The evening was lovely. I felt deeply grateful to be blessed by this sumptuous meal. At the same time, I felt guilty. The entire evening I could not stop thinking of the homeless person sleeping under a window I had passed on the way to my place of indulgence. On my way home, I could not stop crying. Why would life be so unfair?

As a humanitarian and empath, I often wish I could save the entire world. Make it a little better for everyone. Make our world a little more loving. I admit I love lavish surroundings. I also love helping others. Some people just need a roof over their heads or other material items to survive. Some people just need someone who cares about them. Some people just need someone who listens or someone who holds their hands. Some people just need a little bit of love. Some people simply need to hear your message of love.

This Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for all the many blessings we have received. Furthermore, this Thanksgiving and every day, let us send a message of love to people in need and people we love. There is already enough turmoil in our world. The news is filled with negativity and fear. Let us respond with love by sending little messages of love. It is so easy to send a message of love. I can’t save the entire world. No one can. But each and every one of us can send a message of love. I would like to show you how.

This Thanksgiving and every day, let us remember people in need and loved ones. Share your goods with someone less fortunate, give someone a hug of comfort just to show you are there, assist a stranger for no reason, and send the most beautiful flowers to someone you love just to brighten the day. These are a few examples. The list of opportunities is endless. I am certain that you’ll find something to do. I just did, and I hope you will too. A small gesture for one can mean the world to the other. No matter how big or small it is, it is a message of love. If sent with good intention, I am sure it will arrive and appreciated. May our world be a little better, a little more loving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, Barbara


Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, taken at Marriott Hotel Vienna November 2016

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Mother Nature really does know best



Mother Nature really does know best. As the warm autumn sun caresses my spirit with golden rays, I become nostalgic. Slowly but surely I start to realize that there are only three months left this year. I reminisce the time gone by, the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, the lessons I have learned, and the changes I have made. I also think about my long list of things to do that are yet to be done. Really? Only three months left? “That can’t be! I have not done everything I wanted to do this year,” my mind tells me.  “I wanted to write a book and inspire the world,” my heart expresses. “I wanted to be more loving and help more people in need,” my soul whispers softly.

Walking through the park, I take notice of the colorful yellow and red leaves. They are bold; they shine brightly; they raise the vibration of the energy surrounding them. I don’t know anyone who does not love fall foliage. Looking at these vibrant miracles of nature, I thank Mother Nature for enlightening my path once again. Mother Nature reminds me that fall is not a time to run and get things done. Fall is not a time to be sad over time gone by, stressing even more, panicking over how much time is left this year, and counting how many things I have not done. Instead, Mother Nature shows in all glory that it’s time to slow down. The days are getting darker and cooler yet Mother Nature warms my heart and soothes my soul walking through this beautiful park in the middle of the busy city. Mother Nature shows in vibrant colors that it is time to enjoy the sight and to take it all in – now.

In a few weeks from now all leaves will have fallen, skies will be gray, and nights will be cold and dark. Once nature withdraws from the outside world, birds leave for warmer lands, and the sun sets in the afternoon, there will be time to get things done. For now, enjoy the show of fall foliage. Let the warm autumn sun caress your spirit. Allow the colors of the leaves raise your vibration, balance your chakras, and give you energy for the upcoming winter. Wave the birds moving south goodbye. Mother Nature knows when it’s time to slow and when it’s time to grow. Mother Nature really does know best.




Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock

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All alone in a crowd


City lights in modern life

City lights in modern life

Recently, while I was standing at a busy street corner, I realized something. Every few seconds a person passed by. Some people stared at me while they slowly walked by. Others rushed by so quickly that they seemed not to notice me standing there at all. For a few people I even seemed invisible as they almost ran me over. In moments like this one, I wish I was a statue that cannot be knocked over remaining sturdily no matter what goes on around it. Four streets interconnect at that particular intersection. Traffic is intense no matter what time of the day it is. While the street seemed getting noisier and more crowded with every minute that passed, I became more and more silent.

Standing there surrounded by people, cars, and modern city noise, I became thoughtful. On the one hand I realized that our planet and the world we live in becomes more and more crowded with each day that passes. On the other hand, many people, perhaps even more than ever before, including myself, are often lonely. Standing on that street corner, in the middle of traffic, pedestrians, and modern life, I became lonely. I realized that, yes, we have family and friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Most human beings alive today communicate more with others than ever before in history. We call each other, text each other, and e-mail each other. We greet each other in the hallway or on the street. We quickly ask each other about our well-being just to hear “I am fine. How are you?” Too busy for a truthful response or a thorough discussion, we often walk on.

Our fast paced modern life leaves almost no time nor space for the big, philosophical questions about the meaning of life and why we are here. “Too busy”, many say. I, on the other hand, always make time for thought provoking questions. I simply have too. I would not feel complete if I didn’t. Many people call me weird. Some call me a spiritual person. A few awakened. Indeed, I call myself a spirit having an earthly existence. When I remember my soul’s longing, I become lonely. It is in this moment that I feel all alone in a crowd standing on that busy street corner. It is not easy to be a spiritually awakened person when so many are not. Suddenly, I feel a light touch on my cheek. No, it is not the wind caressing me softly. It is my spirit guide sending me a sign from heaven to let me feel her presence and know that, I might feel lonely here on earth, but I am never alone.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock. Photo taken in Universal City, Los Angeles June 2016.

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If only I could help


Counting my blessings at the beach

Counting my blessings at the beach

These past few weeks have been tough. Opposite emotions have emerged in my being. I have been sad, angry, and frightened. I have been amazed, grateful, and glad. How come? If you have been following the news, you will probably have heard of all kinds of natural and man-made disasters, from the latest earthquakes in Italy, wildfires in California to floods in Louisiana, tornadoes, and wars. If I was to make a list, I would probably not finish it in my lifetime. Each disaster, no matter where, no matter how big, has an impact. This strike of tragedy can affect a single person, a small family, a village, a metropolitan area, a country, a small group of people, or millions. No matter what size, each calamity evokes a story of sadness to be told to future generations. Each catastrophe leaves death, a trail of destruction, and shattered dreams behind. Each time I hear such news, I am devastated too.

Then I become grateful. As I take a walk at the beach collecting shells on a vacation, commute to work to earn a living, and return back to a safe home and warm bed to sleep in, I give thanks for my protection and all my blessings in my life. Next, I remember the child that got rescued after hours of uncertainty and fear for her life, I keep thinking of all the people who aren’t so lucky. I cannot imagine what life is like in an emergency shelter, a refugee station, a tent city. I cannot watch the news any longer. I cannot bear seeing the anguish in the faces of all the victims having lost everything in a matter of seconds. I don’t even try to understand why these catastrophes happen. All I know is that I feel for the people and animals. I might not know them personally, but that does not matter.

Each time I hear such news I feel for everyone because I am an empath. I can feel pain across the miles even if I am safe myself. Back in my comfortable bed, I feel helpless. If only I could help. If only I could help, I would pay for new homes, new things, and a new start. The shop owner could rebuild his business; the children would have a school again; the family would have a home to come home to; the churchgoers could rebuild their place of worship; the local hospital could perform miracles of recovery again. If only I could help where help is needed.

It is my dream to have a foundation one day so it can help many people. While my resources to do such might be too limited at this point in time, I use my inner strength as an empath in the meantime. I pray for recovery, new homes, and reunions of missing people. I pray so that one day I can pay for new homes, new things, and a new start. No questions asked. Nothing wanted in return. Just help where help is needed. For now, I pray for you, beautiful people and gorgeous places. Stay safe.



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Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, taken in Venice, Italy, May 2016

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Divine trees

Looking up a majestic palm tree in Hawaii. Divine!

Looking up a majestic palm tree in Hawaii. Divine!

My favorite tree is the palm tree. I love its strong stem and evergreen leaves. I also love that it reminds me of tropical places and the sea. However, all trees are special. Let me show you why. Trees are centered beings standing firmly. They are always grounded because their roots have a good grip on them connecting them to Mother Earth who nourishes and nurtures them. At the same time, their branches reach so high up into the sky as if they try to touch the clouds to reach up into the heavens above.

Trees do as they wish. They are never intimidated to make more out of themselves and grow nor to let go when it is time to shed withering leaves. Never asking for much except for a little water from time to time, they stand tall and proud weathering many storms in their lives. They tolerate humans and animals climbing on them, give shade, provide oxygen to breathe in, fruits to eat, blossoms to admire and enjoy, and healing for any soul and body that comes. You see, I believe that a tree is a gift from the universe, source energy or God in many ways. They are steadfast yet gentle, taking yet giving divine beings.

Have you honored a tree today? Let’s cherish those marvelous creatures. Why not even hug one. Let’s give thanks to God for these beauties in our nature. Let’s not cut them and destroy them in thousands without replacing their spots with new seeds. Let’s not take away living space of thousands of species living in rainforests that cannot be found elsewhere on our planet. Let’s not simply destroy in a few years what was magnificently designed and evolved over millions. Let’s not simply take what was given without giving back. Let’s not cut off ourselves from fresh air. Let’s not deprive our children of not just this gift of nature but a necessity for survival. If we don’t, what air will future generations breathe in? Where will they go for shade? What will they eat? Where will they play? Who will teach them about self-confidence and personal power? Who will provide healing and comfort, insight and wisdom?

Let’s pray for those future generations. Let’s pray for our trees that we have left standing. Better yet, let’s do everything we can to save them. Let’s join organizations, mobilize supporters, and use more recycled paper. Don’t print this post, this e-mail, this article, please. Let’s give thanks for divine trees. Let’s honor them. Let’s hug them. Let’s save our divine, majestic wonders of nature.



Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2014 by Barbara Bullock. Photo was taken in Hawaii 2014.

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Two New Beginnings


Sunset in Venice, Italy, signifying the end of a day. A new beginning follows the next day.

Sunset in Venice, Italy, signifying the end of a day. A new beginning follows the next day.

This month, June, has turned out to be a very eventful month leaving me with two significant occurrences that will change my life forever. As I walked across the stage of the Petco Park Stadium in San Diego celebrating the achievement and conferral of my degree, I got emotional when I shook the dean’s hands. Certainly, it was an exciting day that I had looked forward to for months. Certainly, my accomplishment was worth being proud of. Certainly, I had all rights to shed a few happy tears. However, those cheerful tears were not only mine. As I walked off the stage and looked into the crowds of families and friends applauding the graduates, I thought of my dad. He had passed away a few days earlier. He was the kind of person, who would not always express his feelings directly. Rather, he did so in silent whispers and small gestures. He could not cheer me loudly on that day. Nevertheless, I could feel that he was proud of me. Perhaps it was him crying cheerful tears on that day.

Several speakers at the commencement pointed out that it is not necessarily the degree itself that will make a difference in the world but what we do with it. While a commencement ceremony signifies a celebration of achievement and the end of a student’s studies, it is a new beginning. It is a chance for the graduate to use the knowledge received for the greater and make a mark in the world. It is a chance to leave the world a little better than before. It is a chance for a new beginning of success. Some students use it to better the lives of others in their communities, other students fly to the moon to change the entire world. A student becomes a graduate, a professor becomes a former instructor, and a university an alma mater leaving memories and wisdom.

The same can be said when a parent returns to our spiritual home leaving many memories of childhood and transferred knowledge behind in the hope that the next generation would carry on the tradition and legacy, a kind of new beginning although heavily disguised. It takes courage to love because suffering and loss is an inevitable part of loving. It takes courage to let go. It takes courage to graduate and venture out into the world. Thank you, Dad, for your courage. I hope I’ll make you proud again someday. Meanwhile, fly with the angels to the moon. I’ll see you there some day.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, taken in Venice, Italy, May 2016


National University

Petco Park, San Diego

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