On inner Strength and Candy

Beautiful blossoms along the way from work nourish the soul.

Beautiful blossoms along the way from work nourish the soul.

Perhaps you remember my earlier post on my resolution to take better care of my body this year by making healthier food choices and letting my soul dance more. If not, you might want to read it to understand what I mean as I would like to inspire you today with my next step on this journey.

I used to look for ways to reward myself after a stressful day at work. While waiting for my commuter train on my way home, I would treat myself to several candy bars from the vending machine at the train station thinking that I would feel better. I started to literally look forward to my treat at the end of my work day while still at work. I found all kinds of excuses to eat candy bars as well as other snacks from that machine and made sure that I always had enough coins (and the right ones) with me.

While I thought that the chocolate and sugar would make me happier, relaxed, and feed my soul, the actual ingredients damaged by body uncontrollably by eventually making me overweight, as heavy as I had never been before, and sick. Furthermore, I was still unhappy and sad about many aspects of my life. Finally, at the end of last year, I realized that I had to do something about my health. Since then I have shed almost 30 pounds through tracking my food, exercise, reading books, and listening to hypnosis recordings to try to change my patterns. The latter has just started working in the most miraculous way I can imagine.

I recently had a tough and long day. I really fought the craving and urge to eat at least one candy bar. The old me kept saying: “Eat one, just one!” However, the new me resisted. I had to walk by the vending machines really fast to get away as quickly as possible. My eyes focused on the yummy candy inside when my new me said: “These won’t make you happy, but music or a video will do.” I almost ran downstairs to the platform in order to get away from those vending machines. Sitting on the train, while searching the Internet, I came across a very inspirational video, which indeed lifted me up like no candy ever could!
By the time I came home, I no longer even thought of any sugar and had a healthy dinner instead. Writing this after dinner sipping relaxing tea, I am not just happy. I am proud of myself and grateful for how far I have come. I am on my way to normal weight. My new me cannot wait to pass those candy bars easily tomorrow thanks to my inner strength and what those candy bars taught me.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock
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The inner artist

566-2The time of spring and Easter, for those who celebrate it, is often considered a time of renewal and growth. Unless you live in a tropical climate that hardly changes, you will most likely experience this progression in the seasonal change from the cold, dark winter to the lighter, warmer days of spring. As the days are filled with more natural sunlight, birds sing their hearts out of newfound happiness, trees blossom and the grass is green again, I also become alive. It is not a coincidence that spring is my favorite season. While the results of growth are easier to notice when taking a walk through nature in the spring, human beings also benefit from the personal growth and renewal this season brings.

When I look back at many spring times of my life, I realize that I too have gone through many changes that taught me a lesson and allowed my soul to grow. This year, I have decided to let my inner artist emerge. When we think of art, paintings, music, sculptures or novels often come to mind. However, I believe that art can take many different forms. I also believe that art is the language the universe speaks to us. It is no coincidence that many people call talents God given gifts. I also believe that those gifts are individually wrapped and placed in our hearts and souls the moment we are created and come to this earth to express them.

Everyone has a reason to be here. Many people wonder what it is. I believe that one of the reasons we come here is to share our gifts. Doing so allows our souls to shine and seek fulfillment while on earth. How do you know what your gift is? I think that our passions are our key emotions to answer this question. Our souls long for growth and expression. We can do so by sharing our talents with the world. I have longed to be an artist as long as I can remember. I also know that I was an artist in at least one or more past lives. This year, it is time to let my inner artist emerge and come to the surface. I know that I have been hiding for too long. My soul longs to be expressed and shared with the world. Encouraged and empowered I look into the warm spring sun and feel reassured that, after the cold, long winter, I am ready to emerge from my shell. I wish you all the same growth and newfound happiness that you will find when you start following your passions and express your soul’s wishes for fulfillment whatever form it takes.

The question is, what can you do when fears and doubts appear along the way? On your path, people will criticize you, push you down and tell you that you are never going to make it. Don’t let their egos keep you from growing. Don’t accept their negativity as a sign that you are not going to succeed. It’s like telling an egg in a bird’s nest that no singing bird will ever come out of its shell, a cocoon that it will never change into a beautiful butterfly or a seed in the ground that it will never ever grow into a gorgeous flower. No negativity can stop growth and the expression of the gifts of the universe through art and beauty just as a late winter storm cannot stop spring from coming. So, this spring and beyond, let your inner artist emerge, share your passions, and help make our world a more beautiful and artistic one just as God has intended it to be when it was created.

Love, Barbara


Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo taken at Hotel Dolder Grand Zurich in 2011 by Barbara Bullock

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A sign of love

Flowers as a sign of love

Flowers as a sign of love

I am experiencing a lot of negativity these days. In the news I see violence; on the street I notice poverty; on the train I am pushed away; at home I hear the neighbors screaming; at work, I hear complaints. As I look around me, I realize that there is a lot of negativity in my life. I look up to the heavens wondering whether this is all there is. Is that all we live and strive for? My mind tries to tell me yes, but I don’t want to listen to it. Deep in my heart I know there is more. Longing for love and happiness I try to hold positive thoughts and feelings as much as I can. However, sometimes, I just can’t stand it anymore. Standing in the middle of a crowded place filled with people running me over, I wonder why. Why am I here? I don’t want to be here. I don’t belong here. There has to be a better life waiting for me. Just as I start fighting my tears, I see it. Immediately I feel comforted. In the midst of this chaos, there is a sign of love.

The white feather on the ground reassures me of the angels above. I know that my guardian angel put it there to let me know that all is well and that I am safe. The other day, as I was washing my hands in a restroom, I suddenly smelled the scent of incense. I was not even near a shrine or altar, and it could not have been perfume as the fragrance lasted only a few seconds. My favorite though is when I hear sounds. Suddenly, a love song is played on the radio. The lyrics resonate with me right away as a message of love that I needed to hear at exactly this moment.

In the midst of the negativity and chaos, I am reminded of signs of love. I believe that we are here to get through our challenges in life in order to learn and to grow. I also believe that there are guardian angels, spirit guides and as well as living people all around us to help us and remind us that we are loved and we are safe.

February is considered the month of love. However, let’s not confine love to just one month. Instead, look out for signs of love from above and beyond any time. Better yet, be a sign of love to someone. Smile at a stranger, help your colleague, speak a supportive word to your friend, or give someone flowers to brighten the day. In the midst of the chaos, be a sign of love.

Love, Barbara


Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

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This year, let your soul dance!

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I have been waiting for it. Happy New Year! I am so thrilled that 2016 is finally here. This year, I let my soul dance. Let me explain.

When I was a little girl I loved singing and dancing. Starting when I was a few years old, I would ask my grandparents to turn off the radio. This was my time to sing a song. I would sing and dance my heart out and entertain everyone in the car or living room. Then my voice became silent and my body still. Growing up I learned that the society we live in is not necessarily very compassionate nor tolerant. On the contrary, we are often judged and criticized by other people. Therefore, over the years, I have become more self-aware and ceased doing many things because of the fear and thought “what will the people think of me”. As human beings we tend to live in groups and conform to others. We often give up passions, wishes, goals, even entire dreams for others. Many of us are taught not to stand out and not to dare to be different. Let me tell you that I was born different. I used to think of it as a weakness because I was shown by my peers and adults who raised and taught me that I ought not to be that way. Until now I conformed. However, this year, I let my soul dance.

I have been looking forward to this New Year for a while. I can feel that it is different from previous years. There is so much positive energy around me. Many people come to me and tell me the same. Perhaps it has to do with the number 16. The number 16 is significant for me. I have had jobs, relationships and new phases of my life start on a 16th of the month. I can see the synchronicity. This year, 2016, a new phase of my life begins. I can feel it. I am currently completing my thesis for my MFA in Creative Writing in order to take my professional life to the next level. I have started a weight loss program that will hopefully and finally help me change my eating habits into healthy and sustainable ones for good. Until now, I have often given in to eating as others do because I conformed. This year, I take care of me and my body. Last but not least, I have started to sing and dance again – literally. A few weeks ago I was looking for a way to incorporate more physical exercise into my life. I thought about what I would enjoy the most. Then I remembered dancing from my childhood.

I found all kinds of excuses. One of them was: “What will the neighbors say when they see me through the windows dancing around the house?” My first thought was: “I can’t do that”. Then I listened to my heart. My soul loves music and dancing. So this year, being the beginning of a new phase of my life, I won’t care anymore what the neighbors might think. This year, I will dance, write and do what my heart desires. I might be judged. That’s OK. I was born different.

So this year, let your soul dance. Do what feels right to you. Do what makes you happy. Do whatever makes your soul dance. I wish you that.

Happy New Year.

Love, Barbara


Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo taken in Erlenbach, Zurich, 2015 by Barbara Bullock

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Christmas is where love is


Gingerbread house at Baur au Lac, Zurich

Gingerbread house at Baur au Lac, Zurich

Merry Christmas from my place of love and light. This Christmas is really special. I feel so grateful to be celebrating Christmas here. I was not sure whether I could come here this year. I feel very blessed that it worked out. As the holidays approached, many people asked me where I spend Christmas.

Naturally, it is assumed that I spend the holidays with my family. When I think of family, two very different emotions start to emerge within me – pain and unconditional love. I hope that when you think of family all you think of is love and that your family means the world to you. To tell you the truth, when I think of my biological family, or let’s say certain members, I feel sadness and pain, feel neglected and hurt. A visit there is a struggle and means stress and judgment; the house feels cold and empty emotionally. No, I do not wish to spend my holidays there. I will tell you more about them when I feel ready. For now, let us focus on the positive, after all, it is Christmas – a time of light and love!

There are places and people in the world who make me feel loved, welcome and cared for. These are places that resonate with my soul in every sense. From the architecture to the culture, from simple kindness to unconditional love that seems to go around. Love is in the air there. I feel home. When I go there I feel like I am coming home. More familiar than with my birthplace, I know my way around and feel as if I belong there. People feel like old friends. People here feel like family even if they are not. When this happens, souls recognize each other as familiars from other lifetimes. Someone not related to you can feel more like family than the family you were born into. A place can feel more home than the place of residence. All happens on the soul level; all happens where unconditional love comes from. Visiting here for Christmas feels like coming home for the holidays and enlightens my soul.

Houses here are filled with love and light. Here I feel home. Strolling down Bahnhofstrasse, hiking up the hills in Adliswil, being inspired in Felsenegg, praying for peace and tolerance in the world in Erlenbach, and finally, sitting by the lake in Kuesnacht being in complete admiration of the never-ending twinkling lights along the shore and the stars above on a clear Christmas night, deeply touches my heart. This is a very special place on our beautiful planet Earth. This is a place where I call the people here part of my soul family. This is a very spiritual place. I always feel so good to be here. I feel home.

As I thank the Lord for allowing me to celebrate Christmas here, I send up prayers to the heavens to my soul family, the special people in my life near and far. You are my family. We might not be related or even know each other. All I know is that I love you from the bottom of my heart – unconditionally – and that I am grateful that you exist.

I hope that wherever you are spending your holidays, may they be with loving people surrounding you in a place that enchants your heart.

Happy Holidays from a place of light and love,


Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit Ginger bread house at Baur au Lac, Zurich. Photo taken 2015 by Barbara Bullock

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This Thanksgiving, I speak your soul

Happy Birthday, beautiful soul Ten years ago Oprah Winfrey celebrated 25 legends at her magnificent estate in California. These legends are fine examples of many African American Women, who have broken barriers, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, opened closed doors and paved the way for generations to come. Many of us have learned what resilience, hope and courage can achieve. During the weekend a poem written for this extraordinary occasion by Pearl Cleage called “We Speak Your Names” was recited to honor these amazing legends. Listening to these touching words had my eyes fill with tears, my heart with gratitude for the amazing gift of being alive and witnessing such a remarkable exchange of divine love. I started to think how I could honor you, dear legend.

Deepak Chopra teaches us in The Path to Love that ‘The direct experience of spirit is the only lasting foundation for love”. He also says that on a profound way we were created for love and that this love touches the deepest levels of our human souls (Chopra 10). He goes on that “at the level of the Self, you always meet another person in love.” (Chopra 14). This means that it is not possible to feel anything but love for someone else if you meet them at the level of the self. These words remind me of an epiphany I would like to share.

Soul recognition

When I stood in front of you a remarkable sensation of warmth surrounded me and the most incredible feeling of unconditional love filled my whole being. On this day, the universe brought us together. On this day, I felt your aura.  I felt two souls connect the way Deepak had taught me. From this day on, my life would change forever. Your being stirred my soul and breathed new life into me, a life that I had never known before. “We don’t know where our soul is but it’s in there” you once said.

I speak your soul

It is true that, wherever it is, I know for sure it exists. I know that because I have felt it. I know that we are all connected on a soul level. I think there is no stronger connection that that on the soul level. This is why the best day of the year is today, November 26. It is not my birthday, nor is it Christmas nor New Years. It is your birthday. On this day, God created a masterpiece when he made you. Although far from you in miles, you’ll be close to my heart as I celebrate the magnificent you, beautiful soul. Yes, I honor you as one of Oprah’s legends. Yes, I applaud you for your achievements. Yes, I bow in gratitude for paving the way. However, I don’t just see a stage persona; I don’t just hear the music. These are valuable tools to share your gift and inspiration with the world. Instead, I feel your soul and see your light. In addition, today is the day of Thanksgiving for our American friends. Perhaps it is no simple coincidence that we may celebrate these two special days together. Rather, perhaps it is serendipity and a reminder from the divine to be grateful for your being here in our world and your beautiful soul.

That is why on this so special day, I not only speak your name but I speak your soul. I pray to the heavens above sending angels over to you to wrap you in their wings and convey the message of unconditional love – from one soul to another.

Happy Birthday, Anna Mae. Happy Birthday, beautiful soul.

This Thanksgiving, I speak your soul.

In humble gratitude and love,



Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit 2015 by Barbara Bullock

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Motherless child

A walk in Mother Earth's garden soothes the soul

A walk in Mother Earth’s garden soothes the soul

Dear friends,

I have never felt close to my mother emotionally. I feel I was a motherless child. Although I was born to and raised by my biological mother, she never felt like a mother to me. In my despair I turned to spirituality and discovered other forms of motherhood which undeniably led to a huge soul growth.

When I look at a picture of a mother and her child, I see the mother’s love for her daughter or son. I see the admiration that the daughter or son has for the mother. I see love and feel the warmth of this motherly love filling my heart. When I look at my mother, I do not see love. I see distance between us, loneliness and feel cold. Here is my story. The due date was February 26 my mother once told me. I was born on January 31. This was the seventies. The place was a mid-sized town famous for its steel mills, chemical plants, and oil and gas companies. Most residents there lived in lower-middle class housing. Most of them never graduated from high school, barely got to see the world, and were buried in the downtown cemetery. Being born prematurely meant being placed into an incubator. I often wonder what babies think. My mother also told me that, according to her, I looked angry when I was born and screamed a lot. I don’t remember this now of course, but perhaps I was a baby thinking that I did not want to be born this way and in this time and place. Perhaps I could instinctively feel what kind of life I was about to lead. Perhaps I thought that this was a cold and sterile world in this incubator. It was probably not cold in a physical sense, rather in a mental or emotional sense. Perhaps I did not feel the love of a mother the way I see it now in certain pictures.

My mother never breastfed me, and never touched after my birth. Perhaps the medical staff did not allow her to do that due to the fact that I was premature. Perhaps she did not want to touch and hold me. Over the years, I started thinking that perhaps she never really wanted me. Yes, she wanted a child. She told me that she had tried for three years to get pregnant. However I have never heard her say “I love you more than anything in the world and I would never want anyone else as my daughter” or something like that. Perhaps she wanted a child but one that came with so many problems. I remember her telling me once that she pushed so hard to get the delivery over as soon as possible so she could have lunch. This is who she is. She wants something (such as a baby) so badly but then doesn’t take the responsibility to care for it with unconditional motherly love no matter what. Who cares about lunch when your own child is being born? Whether she was allowed to touch and hold me or not, she did not do it. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a sterile environment where babies find themselves surrounded by tubes. Scary equipment, sensitive little beings and rushed doctors and nurses, might not be the coziest nursery. Because research shows more and more how the immune system develops in babies and that skin contact encourages the strengthening of such, it is recommended that the mother touches and feeds the premature baby as much as possible. However, in the seventies, this was not the case just as fathers were usually not allowed or as common in the delivery room as today.

As an adult today, my immune system is very weak especially when I am stressed at work or during seasonal changes. I used to catch the common cold several times a year. I had everything from scarlet fever to stress related dermatitis. Then I developed allergies. Still up to this day, and I am in my forties now, I often look at my body in the mirror and wonder what allergy, symptom or disease I would get next. All seem to be related to a weak immune system. In addition, over the years I have been suicidal, depressed, and too emotional. I cry easily and have a very thin skin as I get hurt very easily and take everything personally immediately. I am convinced that my first few months lacking a mother’s touch contributed to my weak immune system.

A year after I was born I still had not grown to a normal height and weight for an infant that age. I was considered too small and underweight for my age of one. The diagnosis was a hole in my heart that made my breathing shallow and made it difficult to supply my body with sufficient oxygen. This was likely the reason for my slow development. The open heart surgery was not available in my town so we had to travel to a specialist at the largest hospital of the country. The surgery was successful. However, once again, I meant trouble for my mother. She saw moving to an apartment next to the hospital and visiting me daily as a burden. Although she was there for me, I did not feel her love. For months I was too weak to move and, once again, surrounded by tubes in a sterile environment. Once again, my mother could not touch me or hug me. Perhaps, once again, she was not allowed to, or, she did not want to as, once again, I meant trouble that she never signed up for.

My first day of school was a day of celebration. I had overcome many of my health related challenges. In addition, as an only child, I looked forward to making many friends. I could play with, at school. However, it turned out differently. One of the schools admission criteria was a minimum weight and height. Due to the fact that I had been born premature and had had heart surgery, I was a few inches shorter than the average six year old, and I was underweight. Normally, that meant that I would have been denied until I would meet the admissions criteria. However, fortunately, exceptions could be made if one could proof that the child is mature enough and shows promise intellectually. After running a few tests, the principal gave me her approval stamp. She even told me that she had never seen such an intelligent and talented child! She told me that what I missed in terms of height and weight, I would make up for in my mind. I was considered smarter than all the other kids at that school. I was thrilled of course! Finally, I would be able to show the world what I could do. Finally, I thought, I could make my mother proud of me. The other kids did not see it that way. Instead, I was bullied and told by groups of children that I was too small and I would not belong there. They told me that I should return to kindergarten. I suppose that they noticed how smart I was and felt threatened by this small, underweight, little girl. In addition, my mother – now working as a secretary – grew more and more distant to me.

After school I would come home and do chores such as start preparing lunch while waiting for my mother. There were many issues in the family that created tension and reasons for arguments between my parents such as money and relationship issues. My parents argued and fought many times over what I thought trivial things such as which brand of butter to buy. For me things like that never mattered. After all, I had survived much bigger things. I could hear them shouting in the kitchen while I held my rabbit, my beloved pet, tightly. I was an only child caught in the middle of parental fighting. Sometimes the fights became so bad that I started thinking about what I would do if my parents would ever get a divorce. Despite the fact that my relationship with my mother was not as close as I had wished, I often said that I would want to go with her in case my parents would separate. I longed for a mother’s love.

The next few years, as I grew into an early teen, were very difficult for me. My parents drank alcohol, mostly wine, by the bottle every day. I did not know it back then, but later I realized that my father was very close to becoming an abusive alcoholic as there were times when we disagreed on something and he would get angry, get up, run after me into my room, pull down my pants and beat me. Where was my mother? My mother was sitting in the living room doing nothing. She usually did not drink as much as he did but she did. Perhaps she was drunk herself in that moment. Perhaps she felt helpless. Perhaps she would have wanted to help me but did not know how. Perhaps I was too much trouble for her once gain and she simply did not care. We never talked about any issues back then. We can still barely talk about my childhood now. I don’t know why she did not help me. All I know is that I missed a mother’s love. I missed a mother, who would come to my room, take me into her arms and tell me how sorry she was for all this and that everything would be all right. I missed a mother, who would defend me. I missed a mother, who would love me. I had a mother but that was only a biological fact or so it seems. This is why, when I talk about my mother, I call her biological mother. We are related biologically. My real mother is something else.

Lonely as never before, I must have been around ten or so, I needed to find a way to cope. I grabbed my bike and rode to my grandparents’ home where I would spend most afternoons. It is hard to believe that my grandparents, my mother’s parents, were often the opposite of her. My grandfather could be very cynical himself so that is probably where my mother got it from. However, my grandmother has always been like the best friend one could come to with anything. Still up to this day she is a very patient listener to problems. She gives me the biggest hugs one could imagine. She tells me that she loves me. I really think she does. Although I had my lovely grandmother as my rock in my life when growing up, I was searching for more. This search made me turn to nature.

My grandparents had a huge garden with a huge lawn to run around on, several fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and a small swimming pool. I remember the hot sunny summer days when I picked raspberries and blackberries. I looked up into the sky and let the sun warm my face. I watched the birds fly high in the sky thinking how lucky they were to fly so freely and seemingly happily. I marveled at the beauty of a butterfly and was astonished by the complexity of a rose. Running water in the fountain was music to my ears and made me feel good. I did not know it at the time. All I knew is that I felt good. All I knew is that, for the first time in my life, I felt really, really loved. I know now that I had discovered spirituality. My grandparents’ garden and the nature I spent my leisure time in was my spiritual sanctuary. I consider it a spiritual experience because I believe that I had tapped into the eternal motherly bond, which creates and sustains all forms of live. I had connected with another mother – Mother Earth.

One day I will share more of my story – about my realization that I have more mothers than one and that I am loved.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock


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A thought on Colette V. Paul’s Butterflies Dance in the Rain, a collection of poetry and prose


Butterflies Dance in the RainDear friends,

As many of you know, I try to live my life in truth and honesty. When I tell you that I love you, I mean it. When I tell you that I don’t, I also mean it. When I review a book, I won’t tell you what you want to hear so you’ll buy it. I won’t tell you the story in an objective, journalistic style. However, I will tell you what I feel, hear and see when I read it – from my heart to yours. Be inspired by my review of Butterflies Dance in the Rain.

To be honest, I don’t remember how I know Ms. Colette V. Paul. What I do remember is a video of her that I had come across on the Internet. As I listened to her speaking one of her poems, I realized that the way she spoke reminded me of someone. Colette’s soft yet strong voice articulating words of wisdom resonated with me immediately. Colette’s outer beauty is a reflection of her inner world of love, faith, hope, and the wonderment of life. Colette has a light around her that shines brightly and enlightens everyone who knows her. However, as Butterflies in the Rain shows its readers, this wasn’t always so. Lessons of life likely propelled Colette into higher spheres of her own spirituality.

I believe that Butterflies in the Rain reflect that to the point. Filled with the sadness of a broken heart, Colette is a true artist with an understanding that there is a higher power we can all call upon in times of distress. Dear God Letter is the quest of such search for healing. It opens the poetry collection and leads me, the reader to the realization that we are all eternal and a part of this higher power whatever name one wants to give it. As Colette realizes that she is a part of this eternal power, her spirits seem to lift and carry me to the next poem. Many poems read like Japanese haikus when so much can be expressed in just a few lines. Colette seems to know instinctively when this is the case. Stillness, aspiration, intuition, love, renewal, music and human tragedies are described boldly without complications as they do not need more words but the recognition that only one thing is needed – love.

Back to reality and everyday problems, Another year feels rushed at first suffocating me, the reader, with stress, disturbance and problems. However, the last three lines free my mind and entail the deep message that I found buried under the problems. Cursed is another favorite of mine and deeply touches my soul. It is as if I almost can feel Colette’s soul crying out for help and freedom. Now the poetry collection gains in speed and depth as I learn more details on Colette’s life changing experiences, newly given responsibilities, facing prejudice and difficult circumstances in I’m Doing Just Fine. Colette puts into words what others cannot express. Suddenly, I knew who Colette reminded me of in the video. I am Woman is a masterpiece filled with dignity and strength of a woman. Elevations and Vibrations bring me back to my memory of watching the video and help me realize that, Colette is, as Dr. Maya Angelou would likely call her, a Phenomenal Woman.

Indeed, Colette is a creative soul on a journey. Life might have knocked her down a couple of times. However, her gift of words lifts her high and let her soul fly freely through life’s turning points and complications. I call Colette the next Dr. Maya Angelou. I don’t say this lightly. I mean it with my heart and my soul. Let Butterflies Dance in the Rain take you to higher spheres. Follow Colette on her journey here:


To Colette: Next time, look up into the clouds. I am sure Maya would be proud of you. Perhaps she’ll put a rainbow in your clouds.




Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Colette V. Paul

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Paul, Colette V. Butterflies Dance in the Rain. Atlanta : Southern Butterfly Publishing , 2015. Book .



Dr. Maya Angelou www.mayaangelou.com


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A writer with no words – a tribute to Bobbi Kristina


Krissi August 2015

Waiting for my rainbow in the clouds

Dear friends,

“I’m a writer with no words…..Bobbi Kris” Tyler Perry said recently. I was sitting on my balcony enjoying breakfast. Then I turned on my phone and went online. I said: “Let’s see what’s happening in the world”. I can talk a lot you must know. Suddenly, I became speechless myself. The day was July 26, 2015. As I read the news, my throat tightened. I could not believe what I had just read. Bobbi Kris was no more.

Writers were with no words, speakers with nothing to say. The world got darker and colder once again. Each time this happens, my heart breaks; each time I cry endlessly. As tears wash away the pain, I know that each time an angel simply went home. Krissi, I know that you are in God’s hands, your mommy’s arms and hopefully finally at peace. You were just like your mom – beautiful, talented and a sweet human angel, an earth angel. Many people loved you; others hurt you because they were blinded by your bright light. Too many times you were judged, ridiculed, and disrespected. I want you to know, that, today, I don’t want to be someone with no words. Today, tomorrow, and every day, I will write and speak of you highly as much as I can. I did not know you personally, but I did see your light and felt your love. I watched you grow up like a little sister I had always wished for but never had. I saw the butterfly emerge and spread its wings. I witnessed the immense and beautiful bond that you shared with your mom. The eternal bond of motherly love is all there is. While many hearts on earth are heavy now, I know you finally got your mommy back. Your bond could not be severed for long because love is all there is.

Once again the eternal motherly bond has brought you two angels back together again. Keep singing in heaven, Krissi, mommy and the Lord got you. I’ll miss you down here but I look forward to your smile from the clouds. You are the rainbow in my clouds as Dr. Maya Angelou used to say. Your smile always lit up my world. I will always love you. Rest in peace now, sweet girl.

My prayers go out to the family and friends of‪ Bobbi Kristina. May the family and friends be strengthened with love and the wisdom that you have found your peace and mommy again.

I lit a candle earlier today. This candle is for you, Krissi. Fly high with mommy now, baby girl. I’ll see you again, little sister.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Works cited: Tyler Perry www.tylerperry.com, Dr. Maya Angelou www.mayaangelou.com


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Summertime at the Lake

Summertime at the Lake

Summertime at Lake Zurich

Dear friends,

I love my summer vacations in Kuesnacht, Switzerland. Most people think of summer as a season of hot, long and sunny days, ice cream, vacation and barbecues. I think of unconditional love. That’s why I go where I go every year. Come with me on this magical journey.

Upon leaving the hotel to go for a walk I make a right turn for the main street. The hotel is located along Seestrasse, which can be translated as Lake Street. Indeed, Seestrasse runs along the lake of Zurich (Zurichsee) on both sides. It is a busy and important connection between the many small towns that are nestled along the lake shore. Switzerland is – compared to other vast lands – a relatively small country. This also means that space is scarce. Houses are built right next to each other. The line of cars at every traffic light seems endless.  A walk along Seestrasse is a pleasure for lovers of nice cars though. Everything is here, from Jeeps to Audis, from Bentleys to BMWs. As an admirer of high quality, I enjoy this sight. Passing a couple of mansions with huge gates, I realize that people here certainly must love a high quality of life as I do. “I should move here someday”, I think, and walk on.

Finally, I arrive at my resting spot, a green area with huge lawns for anything from picnics to book readings, and sun baths. As I sit down at the bench at the lakeshore and look out, I realize once again why I am here. The lake is big enough for the countless boats including the big passenger ferries to make waves. The sound of the crashing waves onto the shore makes me feel good. As water bearing Aquarius I have always loved open waters such as big lakes, infinite seas and endless oceans. My vacation has begun. On my right there is a little pier from which you can take one of these passenger ferry boats to go on a refreshing ride around the lake and a photo opportunity of the picturesque mountaintops against the blue sky in the distance. Compared to other possibilities of summertime relaxation such as being one of too many people at a public swimming area, this spot is quiet and peaceful. I can relax here from my daily stresses at work and in my hometown. Here I can watch ducks play, swans swim in the lake and stretch out to look into the sky where I can see white birds fly high. They look like seabirds. They seem so happy and free. I often wish I was one of them and could stay here forever.

Behind me there is a nursing home. Every once in a while an elderly patient comes out for a walk to enjoy the scenery with me. “Gruerzi”, they always say to me (meaning hello in Swiss German) even though they don’t know me here. The people here are very friendly and welcoming. Indeed, the only interruption you have here is their warm greeting. That’s one of the reasons I love coming here. Kuesnacht near Zurich in Switzerland captured my heart a couple of years ago. As the sun starts to set on the horizon on the other side of the shore, the lake disappears into the night. Nights are magical here. Due to the closeness of the houses and the many streetlights on Seestrasse, seemingly millions of lights start to turn on. One by one they enlighten and surround the lake as if those lights try to hug the lake and wish it a goodnight. This moment feels like a mother tugging her child in for the night. With a gentle kiss on the cheek, the sun starts setting and disappearing behind the hills. As it gets cooler and some wind comes up, I start thinking that soon it will be time to return to my hotel. Nights can be chilly here, even during the summer, and I didn’t bring a jacket.

Now is the most magical time to look across the lake. See all these twinkling lights of the houses and streetlights? They look like stars. Indeed, these lights are not much different from real stars. Look! There are lights everywhere! The daytime was magnificent but this is divine. It feels as if the entire universe comes together in this tiny spot on earth. I see the lights and I feel the unconditional love coming from the creation of all.

Moments like these make me grateful. Gone are the days of discussion on how expensive my trip must be. Gone are the days spent in defense mode with people who don’t understand what I see in this place, why I would spend my summers here. The entire universe is here to kiss me good night and ensure me that I’ll be safe. What else could anyone wish for? This is what heaven must be like. As I gather my things and get up from my bench to walk back to my hotel, I can’t stop looking at those lights. Back on Seestrasse I walk and keep looking at the stars in the sky and the lights across the lake from the other shore. I feel astonished. I am amazed by this beauty beyond my humble human understanding. I mean, I can study something like science and be amazed by discoveries that people have made. I can study history and learn about what happened in the past. However, I cannot explain this moment. I cannot comprehend this moment. I can only feel this moment. This magical moment and feeling of being a tiny part of our vast universe humbles me. I soon realize that there are not just houses and cars in our world but there is a divine power that manifests itself in nature’s beauty and the endless love that we, humans, feel when we are surrounded by it. Certainly, this place is beautiful. I wish everyone could come here. I can’t keep my eyes from these lights.

As I retreat back into my hotel I open my window to look out at those twinkling lights on the other side of the lake once more. How relaxing is the silence of the night now. Now I feel warm again. It’s not just the comfort of my room. I feel loved. Then I start thinking of a very special person. I think of you, earth mother. I know you love lights like me. I know that you live in one of the houses along the lake shore not far from my hotel. So I send a prayer up to the heavens for you and pray for a safe night. May the angels wrap their wings around you while you sleep, protect you, and send you beautiful dreams. I pray for your happiness; I pray for your joy. I pray in gratitude for the opportunity to come here. You decided to live here a long time ago and I surely understand why. Each year I come here I am enchanted anew by the sparkling sun reflecting in the lake, the bird’s cheerful play, the scent of flowers, the friendly people and the magnificent scenery. Yes, it is indeed nice here. As I ask the angels to fly over to your house and wish you a good night from me, I know that there is more than the beauty here. I know that it is your existence down the road that makes me feel so loved. I believe that it is your God given unconditional love you have for the world that fills my heart. “We are all one” you once said, and I believe I know what you mean. You teach the world the meanings of kindness, tolerance and peace such as a mother teaches her child. You display the mother within and help me understand that even I, an ordinary person, am a divine being worthy of love. Furthermore, you help me discover my own mother within. I truly believe that, each time I leave here, I am a better person, thanks to you. This is the real reason why I come here. Yes, the lake is beautiful but there is so much more. You teach me what unconditional love is. You strengthen me and heal my soul. I feel your warmth; I feel your love. Each time I come here I feel renewed.

Thank you for your love, earth mother.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock


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